8 phrases to convince your spouse or partner to travel to Wimbledon with you

How to Visit Wimbledon Together in 8 Easy Phrases

While we love our single travelers, the majority of our guests come in the form of a couple, and often in multiples of two if a group of friends is traveling together. What we often find, however, is that the love of tennis isn’t always equal between the couple. There are different attractions and complementing reasons why couples travel across the world for a tennis tournament. With this in mind, we’ve created a handy list of:

The 8 phrases to convince your spouse or partner to travel to Wimbledon with you

(With an understanding that not all of these will be applicable to all people; we assume no responsibility for discussions that escalate into arguments.)

  1. Well, I went to that thing the other day that I didn’t really want to do.  
  2. I just think it’s important for us to share in diverse cultural and historical experiences and this way we can be there to catch the Marcus Willis of 2017. 
  3. Because you’ve been making my dreams come true for the past twenty-five years, so why would you stop now?
  4.  But Honey, it’s Roger Federer. 
  5.  Do you remember which two weeks of July my parents said they were hoping to come stay with us? 
  6.  Because YOLO. 
  7.  What if I told you I want to take you to a magical place where we’ll spend each day eating delicious food prepared by a private chef, watching beautiful, fit 20-somethings entertain us with their bodies and movement, and passing our evenings enjoying find dining and smiling our way through one of the world’s greatest cities? Would you be interested in a vacation like that?
  8.  I need your help.  
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