How to get the most out of your tennis camp!

Topnotch Fantasy Tennis Camp 2021 is happening! We’ll be in Maui, HI from December 10-14. Join us for an extended weekend filled with high quality tennis coaching from current and former ATP and WTA pro players, coaches to the stars, and our own Topnotch Team. Give us a call at 800-289-3333 with any questions, or register for camp on our website here: Topnotch Fantasy Camp 2021

Our 4-day tennis camp is a great way to boost your confidence and skill level quickly. With top tier coaching, individualized attention, and strategic planning, our camp is literally designed to bring you the best coaching we can offer! But, coaching can only go so far. How you show up to camp, and to the court each day will have a huge impact on your progression over the weekend. Read on to find out how to get the most out of your Topnotch Fantasy Tennis Camp vacation!

What To Do:

  • Play tennis ahead of camp
    • While this may seem obvious, it’s really the best warm up for Fantasy Camp! Get out to your local club, and play! 
    • You’ll be on court for 5 hours a day during camp, make sure you’re in a position to recover and play through the afternoon. 
  • Incorporate strength training, cardio and stretching into your workout routine 
    • Adding 1-3 sessions per week of strength training can help prepare your body for long days on court
  • Drink lots of water
    • Don’t let yourself get dehydrated on the plane ride, or out in the sun during camp.
  • Wear well fitting tennis shoes, and break them in ahead of time. Is there anything worse than blisters? 
  • Have the right equipment. 
    • String your racquets, bring some grips. 
  • Know yourself, listen to your body.
    • If you’re feeling very tired, dizzy, or fatigued while at camp - allow yourself to take a break and recover. We’re going to be out in the sun and on the courts for long durations. 
    • Some past campers have even taken entire sessions of tennis off - and that’s okay! This is a vacation first and foremost. Allow yourself time to relax and feel great. 
  • Choose something to work on during camp, and write down your goals!
    • Pick a few components of your tennis game to really focus on. Our coaches will help you improve in any way. 
  • Research a few activities that you want to visit while “on island”.
  • Plan out a few places to eat out during your trip. 

What NOT To Do:

  • Ignore any pain in your body.
    • Take a break, stretch it out, and allow yourself to recover. 
  • Imbibe too much each night!
    • Please do relax and enjoy, but don’t go too far if you want to be in tip-top shape for tennis in the morning.
  • Skip breakfast/ your usual snacks.
    • Your body needs fuel to make it through long sessions of coaching. 
  • Forget to drink water.

You can learn more about who is coaching this year, and register for our Camp in Maui on our website here: Topnotch Fantasy Tennis Camp. This year, camp will be held December 10-14 at the Fairmont Kea Lani, in Maui HI! Hope to see you there!

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