Match Nights: Cincinnati

Match Nights is our series of timeless matches hosted on our websites. Our Western & Southern Open experience will be available until February 15, 2021, so watch at your leisure!

Don't forget our Australian Open experience: click here and watch by February 8, 2021!

Welcome to the luxury suite entrance at the Western & Southern Open! You'll be skipping the line to your plush seats this evening, so get ready with the following:

  1. Prepare your space:  The most comfortable living room set-up, either solo or with fellow spectators. Some of our favorite sessions at Cincy are the night sessions, which pair up some world-class matches right as the summer heat cools into those perfect evening temps. So, we suggest night session viewing on this one.  
  2. Pick a match: How about the second round blockbuster from 2018, as #8 seed Petra Kvitova took on Serena Williams under the lights at Mason? Plenty of shotmaking on display, as Serena tried to extend her head-to-head record over Kvitova (which was 5-1 at the time of the match).
  3. Grab some food: The food court at the Western and Southern boasts Cincinnati’s famous Skyline Chili (if you’re looking for a deep dive, check out this Food & Wine article). For those who have been to this gem of a Masters event, you might remember that a BBQ combo plate is a nice accompaniment to the tennis as well. 
  4. Pour the drinks: If your local shop sells Rhinegeist, it's made with the same water Roger and Novak would drink when they’re in town, if they drank tap water. 
  5. Get dressed: The Western and Southern Open is a casual, comfortable affair. Dress up if you want, but keep in mind that you might want to do some court jumping to catch all your faves. Also, warm during the day, cool at night. Bring a sweater so you can leave it in the Grand Slam Tennis Tours suite. We think this is a perfect watch-in-your-most-comfortable-PJs event. 

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