Who We Are

Grand Slam Tennis Tours is a global leader in tennis tourism, crafting adventures to the greatest tennis events around the world. We pride ourselves on providing luxurious tennis travel, taking care of everything from the best seats in every stadium and fine boutique hotels, to exclusive tennis-playing opportunities and can’t-buy experiences with professional players. (We also operate one of the top tennis player representation agencies in the world, Topnotch Management.)

We are headquartered in beautiful Stowe, VT and travel to all four Grand Slams, as well as other select tournaments around the world. We believe that tennis is a game that can transcend age, nationality and language, and as such, our guests come from all over the world and in all shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important for us to craft custom, personalized package options based on each travelers needs and interests. 

As Andrew recently explained on TravelDew, each tournament itself is as special as the cities that hosts them. Each tournament offers unique flavors and cultures, and each atmosphere is absolutely a product of the place. The polite tradition of Wimbledon, the rowdy, fun-loving Aussie Open crowds, the show and dazzle of a night session at the US Open. Every stadium around the world presents a microcosm of the local culture and personality, and we try to emphasize this throughout the rest of the tour. We enjoy local food and offer excursions that connect people with the history and culture of the place; we give our guests the chance to fully embrace the locale, and nearly all of them do.

Our Work with Travel Agencies

Over the years we’ve built exceptional relationships with travel agents from all over the world and we’re always open to initiating new relationships. Of course, we extend agent commissions for package bookings, of 7.5% via credit card and 10% via company check, up to $6500 package price per person (commission not applicable to return client bookings). We can work with agents to create custom package options, to personalize experiences and even to host special events while on tour. 

If you’d like to promote Topnotch Tennis Tours capabilities and packages to your database, or if you’d like to offer tennis ticketing to any tours you already have in place (Between May and July, we can help you add tennis ticketing options to any of your existing European tours, for example), please reach out to us as we’ll be able to help with content and marketing initiatives. We’re pleased, for example, to have a partnership with tennis vacation booking platform World Tennis Travel.

Tennis Tourism for Travel Agents

For more information, you can connect with us in the following ways:

Or meet us in person at 145 S. Main Street, Stowe, VT 05672