Around the Office: Chris Campbell goes to the Miami Open

In our Around the Office series of posts, we present interviews with the Grand Slam Tennis Tours staff to help share professional expertise and insight with readers. More importantly, we want to share some of the personality of our staff. For those who have traveled with GSTT these faces might be familiar; if you haven’t yet traveled with us, we’re pleased to introduce Chris Campbell.

Chris became one of the very first employees at Grand Slam Tennis Tours when she read an early profile on us in Tennis Magazine. She then traveled from Atlanta to Vermont to introduce herself. Clearly, she recognized something special from the beginning and we sure are glad she did. More than a decade later, Chris is the CFO here at Grand Slam, keeping our numbers as they should be and joining our guests at numerous events throughout the year.

Here, I surprised Chris in her office with a few quick questions: 

Chris, obviously you’ve traveled to some of the best tournaments in the world. Can you isolate a favorite?

I’d have to say Australia but Wimby is a close second. The Aussie just gets the extra points because it lets you go someplace beautiful and warm in January. Plus, the people there are so friendly and laid back. I love it. 

How have you felt tennis tourism change since you’ve been working with Grand Slam Tennis Tours?

As far as our tours, I’ve definitely noticed that our clients have gotten younger. I don’t know if this has to do with the increased affordability and ease of travel. I also suspect a lot of it is due to Andrew’s energy and youth. He took over this business when he was in his thirties and when the previous owner was in his 50’s, so there was a shift in approach. Also, I think the tennis has simply gotten better. It’s a better sport and a better product. Rafa and Roger have been amazing. 

Around the office, you are our Miami Open specialist. What’s the number one tip you would give you to someone headed to Miami?

Stay at the Turnberry.

If you weren’t working at Grand Slam Tennis Tours, what would you be doing?

I would love to work with animals, which kind of fits in with any given day around here. (Editor’s Note: At this point Chris winked at me. But her point was fair. Sometimes the sales and marketing teams can get a bit rowdy.) I’d also love to work with a kids’ choir, because I think it would combine my passions for the piano and children.

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