5 Places to See Roger Federer

It’s difficult to accurately appreciate the quality of the sporting renaissance we’ve witnessed from Roger Federer. On one hand, he’s arguably (because there’s always an argument) the greatest tennis player of all time and him winning a few more tournaments shouldn’t really be a surprise. When someone wins 17 Grand Slam titles, is winning one more really so special? (Yes, based on his expression after winning.) Perhaps because since 2012 he only made it to three finals and lost all of them, which from a man who once made it to 23 consecutive semifinals is a clear disappointment. (Try doing something 23 times in a row and then suddenly stop being able to do it and you’ll be disappointed, too!)

He started off 2017 ranked as low as he’d been since he was 19. 16 years later at age 35, he was standing on the edge of his retirement with all of us looking at him. Staring. Partly in awe of everything he’s achieved and partly confused, because we expect gods and heroes to defy aging and be forever peRFect. He turned right around and reinserted himself into the center of the game.

We can call it a renaissance, but only if you believe that he was ever out. Maybe it’s a resurgence. Or a rejuvenation. Or some other word that begins with “re-”. Whatever it is, to stick with the theme, it’s really, really cool, and the first quarter of 2017 altered the tennis landscape for us all. Federer revises his own legacy as he plays.

The rest of his career could go a lot of ways. No matter the direction, it’s a moment to catch Roger Federer in top, winning form. 

Here are five great chances to see Roger Federer in action:

1 – Social Media 

Watch the beautiful highlights of his epic Australian Open 2017 final against Rafa on YouTube. Or listen to his boy band on Facebook.

2 – Not on Clay

We wouldn’t bet too hard on Fed playing a full—or even partial—spring of clay court events. (Monte Carlo, Barcelona, MadridRome, and Roland Garros will continue to be filed under “Where to best see Rafael Nadal.”)

3 – Centre Court at the All-England Club 

The early rounds of Wimbledon. We can’t predict when he will play, but we can give you some pretty good guesses. Many of us hope for him to also be on Centre Court on final Sunday, for the Wimbledon Final. 

4 – Global Press Savoring the Moment

Gracing the cover of GQ Magazine, in a thoughtful profile by Rosecrans Baldwin that captures Roger Federer in Switzerland, at rest and in comfort. 

5 – US Open

From Courtside seats on Arthur Ashe, likely in a night session. Roger always plays strongly at the US Open, though it’s also the location of some of his notable defeats. (Think Djokovic’s magical forehand return slap in 2011 final on double match point, or del Potro interrupting Federer’s quest for a sixth straight title.) He might very well play during the day, but the night session at the Open is the biggest show on earth—surely the organizers can help the old man out with some cooler weather?

Of course, Roger will play some other events throughout the year, but he makes no secret of his prioritizing the Slams. All other events are ones where he would, if need be, withdraw for health or energy reasons.

Every era has great champions, but even amongst the best there are a certain few who rise above. We can’t see Babe Ruth in action, or Gretzky, or Jordan. But Roger Federer is here, at the very top of the game, for now. Let’s take the opportunity, and let’s take some pictures to prove it.

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